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If you looking to establish a new business or develop an existing business and investment in Australia; there are a variety of Australian visas that business owners can obtain for themselves and/or their employees.

There are two (2) pathways a Business visa applicant can choose from:
1.     As a Provisional (Temporary) visa holder with eligibility for permanent residence after establishing a business in Australia; or
2.     Direct Permanent Residence for high calibre business applicants sponsored by an Australian State or Territory government.

Although business visas vary in their requirements, they each share the following common requirements:
1.    The applicant must be Sponsored by an Australian State or Territory
2.    The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Department of Immigration.

Business Talent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 132) [Permanent Visa]

The Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa is a permanent Business visa that allows applicants to establish a new or develop an existing business in Australia. This visa is granted to people with an overall successful business career as the owner of a business or people with Venture Capital funding in Australia. There is no need to apply for a provisional visa before applying for this permanent visa.

This Subclass 132 visa is not a points test based visa, however, applicants must meet the following requirements:
1.  Be under the age of 55 (unless this condition is waived by the Department of Immigration)
2.  Be sponsored by an Australian State or Territory government
3.  Submit an Expression of Interest to the Department of Immigration
4.  Satisfy the Health Criteria
5.  Satisfy the Character requirements

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Subclass 188 Visa [Temporary visa]

This is a Four (4) years provisional visa available to business owners and investors. This temporary visa is a pathway to permanent residence in Australia. This is a points test based visa.

This Subclass 188 has five (5) different streams:

  1. Business Innovation – for business owners seeking to establish business operations in Australia
  2. Investor – for people who are willing to invest $1.5 million in an Australian State or Territory bonds
  3. Significant Investor – for people willing to invest $5 million into complying investments in Australia
  4. Premium Investor – for people with significant funds who are willing to invest at least $15 million into complying premium investments in Australia
  5. Entrepreneur – for people who have a funding agreement from a third party for at least AUD200,000 to undertake a complying entrepreneur activity.

Note: The Business Innovation and Investment (Subclass 888) is the permanent visa that Subclass 188 visa holders can qualify for if they have maintained their investment or management role in their Australian business operations.

Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) Subclass 888 Visa

This is the permanent stage of the Subclass 188 Provisional Business Innovation and Investment. It requires applicants to have established business operations in Australia or to have maintained an investment in bonds.

Important Note:  Business migration can be extremely complex. You may be able to qualify in a number of different business migration categories, but determining the right visa can be difficult. If you would like us to assist you, please contact us.

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